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So you have a growing recruiter team and you have sales pretty much nailed? What about marketing? If you're like the majority of medium-sized recruitment agencies you probably don't have an official marketing department. But you know marketing can magnify the results your agents are getting.

You know you need to step up your game to reach your next targets but you may not be sure where to start.

That's why we're here - to act as your marketing team, but fully results-based, just like the rest of your business.


First we'll understand your business, your team, your processes and your unique DNA. Plus, how you differ from your competitors, and what they're doing to get results.


Then we'll build whatever you need to get the results you're targeting - video assets, social media content, marketing funnels, chat bots and nurture sequences.


Once everything is up and running, we analyse, analyse, analyse to see how things are performing. Armed with this data, we revisit everything and improve until we hit your targets.

About Us

At Employ Marketing, we believe that successful marketing, much like successful recruitment, is all about delivering results. Founded in 2023, our mission is to help recruitment agencies worldwide transform their digital presence, attract more business, and drive measurable outcomes.

We are a team of experienced digital marketing specialists who understand the recruitment industry's unique needs and challenges. We leverage this understanding, along with our expertise in SEO, sales copy, persuasive copywriting, video marketing, and cutting-edge AI tools, to deliver marketing strategies tailored to your agency's goals.

Our strategies are designed to attract and convert three key groups - clients with job vacancies, candidates looking for opportunities, and recruiters eager to progress their careers. We utilize a suite of tools, including lead magnets, landing pages, multi-channel AI chatbots, automated follow-ups, and review requests, to maximize your agency's reach and engagement.

We are committed to offering transparent, results-driven services, and we value the success of our clients above all. Our aim is not just to drive traffic to your website, but to create a comprehensive, targeted online strategy that generates high-quality leads, stimulates growth, and ultimately increases your bottom line.

Whether you're a startup recruitment agency or an established firm looking to modernize your marketing approach, Employ Marketing is your partner for success in the digital landscape. Together, we can redefine what's possible for your recruitment agency.

Join us in this journey and experience the power of results-driven digital marketing.

Our Services

What do we do? What DON'T we do?

Bottom line, we do whatever it takes to get you the RESULTS you're looking for.

  • Video Marketing - probably THE number one way to get more visitors and convert more into clients, candidates and leads

  • SEO - 2023-Style

  • Paid Ads

  • Social Media Content Marketing

  • LinkedIn Live & Webinars

  • AI-Powered Chatbots

  • Missed-Call Follow-ups

  • Automated Review Collection

  • Smart Marketing Funnels

Pay Per lead

Video Production, Landing Pages & Marketing Funnels

AI Chat Bots

Local marketing & Reviews


Are you really results-based?

Absolutely! Before we get started we'll agree on your 3-month target. Then following a review of your current website and processes, we'll put together everything we need to get your results.

If we don't achieve them, we'll work for free until we do - or you can have your money back.

You don't get paid when you fail to fill a role.

We don't get paid if we fail to help you fill more of those roles.

I'm not hitting the £5million level just yet, can we still work together?

This service and offer is only for agencies over that size. But we can offer you the tools we use along with our full online training course that you or your marketing / tech team can follow to deploy for yourselves.

This is kept up to date with our latest cutting-edge tools and techniques.

The course goes live soon and does include an online community as well as weekly and monthly group sessions with us so you can get support deploying the strategies.

Provided you take action, you'll be hitting the £5million target in no time.

I already Make Videos / Have an SEO agency / have a website guy

Sure, most of our clients have one or two of these things in place already. Don't worry, we work hand in hand with your existing team.

We can guarantee that however great they are, they won't have our 'unique set of skills' in deploying video and cutting-edge marketing tools to turn your website into a marketing MACHINE that works for your sales team / recruiters.

Boost Your Website Visitors

Convert More Leads

Make your team even more efficent and effective

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If you're billing £5million/year and want to expand faster, look no further.

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Pay Per Lead

Video, Funnels & Landing Pages

Local Marketing & Automated Review Generation

AI Chat Bots

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